Gratitude and Attitude

I’m a pretty sensitive person; not that a lot of people would know exactly. In social situations -of any kind- I get overwhelmed really quickly. Naturally, I’m pretty talkative, so I’m don’t get all wallflower-ish, but I do start to get stressed out. After any social event, I’m thrilled to get home and curl up on couch and “process.” I don’t know what it is about me that make me this way. . .I just know that I get overstimulated super easy. I worked at a camp that was DEEP in the woods one time, and it used the same neutral color scheme EVERYWHERE in the camp (I guess to be more nature-friendly). After being there for a week, I drove about an hour into town and was head-turning at all the bright colors on store signs. . .You know, stuff we see every day. And, it was just exhuasting. That is what socializing is like for me.

And, uh, I’m a teacher. With kids all day long. So, sometimes the stuff that my co-workers take in stride really can be exhausting for me. I have to work extra-hard to be calm and collected for my students (and I am). So, when I leave work, I don’t want to run errands, be on the phone or with friends. I want to be home, alone, with my dog and in my jammies.

As such, I’m so stressed from the simplest things and since I wait til home to deal with it I often forget just how awesomely magical my job is. I’m knee deep in art (which is the 2nd love of my life with my dog being my 1st). For instance today I’ve worked on paper portrait collages with high schoolers, introduced 2nd graders to Dali and surrealism, and taught 7th graders the facial proportions according to Pliny. Later this afternoon, I teach some mixed middle schooler some made Photoshop skills, teach 5th graders how to make their own scratchboards, and build pipe cleaner skeletons for papier mache animals with 6th graders.

Tonight I get to hang out with the coolest cohort in the history of cohorts and check out their sure-to-be stellar mandalas.

That is a rockstar day. And, I’m grateful.