Grouchy Ladybugs!

Every Fall my school does and Original Works fundraiser. I’m sure your school does something similar. . . I like to get an early start so I can make sure all the absent kids have a chance to get their work done too etc. etc.
So, the 3 year olds read The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle. We talked about how the paper Carle used had lots of lines and scratches on it (texture). Then, we fingerpainted red on paper and used carboard texture-makers (that I made) to make some texture. I pre-cut cirlces for bodies and eyes for them, along with leaves. Then, the next class they assembed everything. I had everything ready for them in a baggie, and they had to grab it out according to color choices. They found this activity (“Find your RED circle!”) really exciting. They drew blue in the sky for wind, and green on the leaves for leaf-veins. They also added legs with a black marker.

I think they look pretty good. . .And, I was worried that maybe I had offered them too much pre-cut material, but I have to say, it was just enough. They were challenged enough that they were on-task, but still had a lot of questions and need for support. 🙂 I feel they learned more about texture, drawing, color, and shape with this project.

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  1. We start the year with an OWY fundraiser too, and I always find myself taking longer ont eh lesson than I want. So I'm very curious about what ideas others do. Two years ago I painted ice cream cones with my K's and it was a DISASTER – I was SO embarrassed. They weren't ready for paint; most were still scribblers. Last year we did “snug as a bug on a rug” – a step-by-step colored paper/cutting/gluing and then coloring project, making cute bugs and they were formulaic but came out oh-so-cute. I printed up the phrase on sticker paper and put one on each picture. OWY is tough because school doesn't start for another couple of weeks so in order to meet the deadline (Christmas fundraiser) I don't have much chance to get to know the K's before we need to start the project. I'll do the fundraiser w/ my K's – gr.5. If you have any more great ideas for it, please pass them on!

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