Sol LeWitt

I love, and have always loved, Sol LeWitt. I think it may have to do with the fact that the High Museum in Atlanta, GA (my hometown), had a long-term Sol LeWitt installation when I was a kid. I associate Sol LeWitt with an exciting day downtown with my Mom at the museum.
My mom was, and is, great about exposing her kids to art. She took me when I was about five/six years old to see Monet’s Waterlillies (also at the High Musem) and even forgave when (after waiting in line for a looong time) I threw a tantrum and yelled “What’s the big deal about some stupid paintings, anyway?!” And, earlier today my Mom called to invite me out with her to check out the yearly folk art festival (you and I would say “primitive,” “naieve” or “self-taught).


My students fell in love with Sol le Witt too. They were amazed by his use of color and his huge and dynamic compositions.

These were made by my 3rd graders.