Pre-Kindergarten Self-Portraits

Do you need to laugh? Check out these Pre-K Self Portraits my four-year-olds made this week.

I asked this student if he had a beard. He looked at me as if I were nuts and said: “no.”

Oddly enough, this portrait represents the nature of this child. You know the student who is loud and almost fury-like in her attention to OTHER’s business. Yup. It’s her.

Haha. No she is not a vampire, just really into scissors.

This student is laid-back and has a southern drawl. Don’t you think this portrait kinda says that?

You know the happy-go-lucky student who is willing to try anything? This is her.
On day one we used yarn, blue and red paint to create our backgrounds. Students were excited to discover and make purple with the red and blue paint. On the second day, we worked together to make our faces. I provided the students with pre-cut faces and necks in a variety of “people colors,” open mouths, and eyes. The rest of the work is entirely their own. Every time I walk down the hallway these portraits give me the worst case of the giggles!
Total time: 1 hour

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