Inspired by Art Ed Bloggers: Shading

At the end of last year, I was **really** inspired by the line shading projects Mr. E’s students completed. I chewed on the project idea all summer and decided that it would work as a great “intro to shading” alternative to the usual shading scales. I hate teaching shading scales because it is boring, the kids aren’t really interested, and there is little room for creativity. So, with a little tweaking, Mr. E.’s project became a really awesome way to teach my high school art students about “lightest lights,” and “darkest darks.”

5 thoughts on “Inspired by Art Ed Bloggers: Shading”

  1. It seems we've ALL tried out this awesome lesson. My kids decided they looked like tornado tubes, or socks. My 4th graders did them using a different analagous color scheme for each tube, so it became both a lesson in achieving value with colored pencils, and in color theory. And everyone was successful! Amazing Mr. E!

  2. Would love to try this with my high schoolers too as I've been looking for a good shading project! Did you use ebony pencil or charcoal pencil? And did you do the original lines with sharpie as Mr. E's lesson originally has or used the pencil for those too?

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