Eric Carle Butterflies

My Pre-K 4 students (4 year olds) made these. I will be sending them off for “Original Artworks” which is an art fundraiser wherein a company takes the art and turns it into magnets etc. etc. The size MUST be 8 in x 10.5 in and have no sculptural elements (yarn etc.), no glitter, no sequins and/or googly eyes. All that can be a tall order for 4 year olds. . .Especially when it needs to be super cute so parents want to purchase it and so my school can earn $$$.

Basically, what I’ve learned is that anything Eric Carle themed looks awesome when finished. Here is what we did.
1. I precut black butterfly outlines, black heads, green bodies, and made eyes
2. students worked on drawing straight lines on yellow paper
3. students discovered orange by fingerpainting with yellow and red paint
4. students glued on outlines, bodies, heads, and eyes
5. students made stripes on the bodies
6. students worked on scissor skills by cutting pieces of the dried orange paper for the colorful parts of the butterfly. . . some tore (if they got too frustrated).
7. I gave them white oil pastel to make a mouth (some made noses)

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  1. Hey, Amy – I don't teach the Pre-K but we do have a pre-K class in my school and include them in the fundraiser. I give enough sheets of paper to the pre-K teacher, and she also makes butterflies. She does them with hand prints for the wings, and then precuts cigar shapes for the bodies and circles for the heads. I don't remember what she does for the eyes and antennas etc. Parents always like the handprint butterflies.I noted the handprint-winged tooth fairy lesson idea that OWY has on its site, and I actually thought it was a cute idea, but since the kids do handprints in pre-K, that idea is no good for me to use for the fundriaiser.

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