Scenes From My Classroom

I’m always taking pictures. Some make it here, but a lot don’t. Here are some fun pics of my classroom that I’ve never posted here before.

Our mascot is the eagle. This is a large 36 in x 48 in poster that hangs outside my classroom.

The door to my classroom. That person is made out of packing tape only. The sculptural thing is from a Chihuly unit we did a few years ago. . . And, there is a wire mobile kinda obscuring things hanging from the ceiling. Oh! And, that hilarious birdhouse looks like our school, is made entirely from cardboard, and was made by some very funny senior boys four years ago.

Mona Lisa lives in-between my sinks. She gives the students reminders on how to keep clean. And, hanging around her are “Mona Spoofs.” The kiddos get extra credit if they bring me a Mona I don’t have.

I teach two 6th grade classes and one high school class all at the same time. It’s crowded -as you can see in this pic- but the kids still work hard!

1 thought on “Scenes From My Classroom”

  1. Love the Mona Lisa display.I'm curious. I know you teach in a private school, and you teach K-12, so I wonder what your student load is? How many classes per grade, and how many students in the school? How many in a typical high school class? When you have the 6th grades and HS all in your room at once, how many kids are actually there? It seems like it must be a crazy challenge, but on the flip side, the high school kids could be a good motivator for the younger kids, I'd think.

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