Ceramic Baby Birds

I’ve really worked hard to provide a diverse and challenging set of lessons for my youngest students. There were some complaints that this was not the case last year (I was not their teacher either). . .So, it is doubly important to develop their creative abilities this year. Typically, I know a lot of us make pinch pots with the Kindergarten students for a clay component. But, I found out that my Kindergartners made a ceramic pinch pot last year that they turned into a wee bird’s nest. I remember seeing these in the building last year and being very impressed with how they turned out.

I know it wouldn’t be a big deal to just do a different pinch pot project with them (they are only 5, so most likely they could benefit from the review). But, you know me, I gotta make sure my students are challenged out the hilt! I love showing off just how capable our youngest students are!
So, my wee K’s made a small ceramic ball and scored and slipped a smaller ball on top (for a head). Next, they pinched off of a larger piece of shared clay two wings and scored and slipped them on their bird. Finally, they pinched out a beak. I added names on the bottom. I let them dry and sent them through the kiln.
Next, they were given -on a small plate that was colored labeled- a choice of 3 different glaze colors: firecracker red, caprice blue, or seawind. They were instructed to paint just the body of their bird (to prevent glaze from running down the kiln furniture). I walked around with a plate of black and sassy orange colored glazes and went to each student individually and instructed them on how to color beaks and eyes.
As we had to wait to fire everything in the kiln, we had a “in between day.” On this day I gave them small black cards and lots of brown textured paper. The students were asked to draw a circle and to add torn paper to create a nest.
On the last day, we read the book “Ruby in Her Own Time” by Jonathan Emmett. Students were given their birds -much to their delight. Students were asked to draw their own story about their birds. As students worked, I called them up individually and helped them glue their bird to their nest. To conclude, we gathered in a circle and went around and told a story about our bird.
How much fun!

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  1. Hi Amy! Glad I found your blog, some great ideas here! I like the bird idea and especially the thought of having an in-between day with a project that relates to the clay project. Thanks!

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