Georgia Art Education Conference

Omigosh! The Fall conference was AMAZING!! It was my first conference, and I can’t say enough how awesome the experience was. If you haven’t been to a conference, then you need to go! It is so cool to sit and listen and discuss with other art professionals our profession.

The hosts did an amazing job organizing the entire event, and I just can’t say enough. How. Awesome. It. Was.
It was held at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, GA. Callaway Gardens has an AMAZING butterfly house that you can visit year-round. The above pictures are what I got to witness on my visit. So beautiful!!
Have you joined your state’s art education association? If not, why? Did you know that the more members you have, the power your state has in the say of arts education policies. . . Even on a national level? And, did you know that it can only mean great things for you professionally to be a part of your art education association?
I’m already saving up and thinking about how I’m gonna 100% try to get to Seattle this year for the National Art Education Conference!
Are you going? Do you need a roommate?!