Happy (Early) Halloween

Does your school celebrate Halloween? Mine does! Tomorrow all the kiddos will be dressed to the hilt as who-knows-what. It is sort of a loss for a “learning day” (especially for the little ones) because they are so distracted by all the fun. So, for me, I try to schedule projects to end on this day. This way, no new material is being introduced, and the kids already have an excellent idea of what needs to happen.

But, what to do with all the early finishers? I made this fun little sheet for them to enjoy! They always have the option to free draw, but this is kind of a fun thing, no?

I have several students who do not celebrate Halloween due to religious reasons. . . And, I hate for them to be left out. So, instead of doing something they can’t do (I had one little guy who couldn’t make a paper pumpkin even), I thought I’d make something that everybody can appreciate. . . .Veggies!
Click on the image for a full-size version. You are welcome to print out/reproduce with other teachers. If you repost online, please extend credit to my blog.