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Hey Everyone! I hope your week has been more calm than mine. So much is happening down here and I will write about it. . .But after things are more “settled.”

One thing I am in the midst of is trying to get all of my lesson plans written out formally and in the same format. The environments in which I have worked have been extremely laid-back about how lesson plans are turned-in etc. etc. But, I’m trying to hold myself more and more accountable in fear of ever becoming complacent. In this tenuous teaching climate where jobs really do come and go, I want to make sure that I never -ever- am on the block because of my own doing (or lack thereof).
Currently, I’ve got about 55 lesson plans all written out in the same format! Yay me! Some are my ideas, some of your ideas, some are ideas from Crayola, Blick Art Materials etc. etc.
When you look across the ‘nets you notice that people share pictures but not their written out plans. I suspect this is because those lessons take SO much time to do and who wants to just give ’em all alway? Or maybe, it is because you’ve written them out to align with your state standards?
In any event, what I want to know is will you share? I WOULD LOVE to share with you! I know there will be a lot of copying and pasting to make sure that whatever you/I get aligns with the format of the rest of your/my lessons. . . But still! What a timesaver!
I have 55 lessons ready for sending!
If you want my lesson plans, simply send me an email (with your typed up lessons attached) to and I will reply will my typed lessons attached.
BUT WAIT! Don’t know how to compress a lot of files for emailing?! It is super easy! Here’s How!
1. Put all files in 1 folder
2. highlight all the files you want to compress (click and hold down the “ctrl” button to highlight more than one file)
3. right click
4. click on “send to”
5. choose the “compressed (zipped) folder” option
6. wait. It may take a few minutes
7. Look in your original folder. There will be a new folder with a tiny little zipper on it (it randomly assigns a name based on where you right clicked earlier).
8. Right click on the folder
9. choose the “rename” option
10. Select a name
11. go to your email
12. address your email
13. select your “attach” button
14. choose your zipped folder
15 SEND!

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  1. Amy – I love the idea of a lesson share however I am not as organized as you and most of my lessons are disorganized piles of papers shoved into folders and hopefully filed with the right grade level! I NEED to get some of my lessons into a better format! I teach k-12 art and it is very difficult to keep everything staight! Do you have a lesson plan template that you use? I'd love to here from you! You can email me at willowtreecreek at gmail dot com!

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