Art Education Lesson Plan Template

THANK YOU all so much for the lesson plans. Swapping and sharing has been so much fun and my lesson plan library has not just grown in size, my inspiration has grown as well!
A few of you asked if I use a lesson plan template. I do. There are tons (tons, and tons, and tons) of lesson plan templates out there on the ‘nets. But, I made my own, because very few of the templates out there are designed to suit art education and of those well-suited for art education none were suited for me.
My template walks through the lesson in order of the steps I go through thinking about the lesson. The template I’ve enclosed below is general and for all ages. But, I made template specific to each grade level as well. On each grade level, I include ALL the standards for that grade in the “objectives” box. After writing the lesson, I print it out and then highlight which objectives the lesson identifies. All of my lessons go into a binder that is arranged chronologically by grade and by the time of the year I do that project.
When I do this, I can show my administration what is going on very simply. . .And, it makes planning much easier on me. It is a little bit more up-front work. . .But really, it makes the middle-of-the-year madness so much easier to organize!
I hope this makes sense!
A jpg copy of the template is below. And, you can download a .doc version of the file (you can type directly in and the formatting will not be lost) on my scribd account by clicking here.
Feel free to print the template and share as you like. I just ask that you do not use the empty and plan template in a for-profit or for-a-grade (turn it in to a teacher/professor) situation.

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