Ungrateful Wretch!

Every year my school has an annual Parent’s Club (PTA) Auction Gala. I’ve never attended for several reasons:

1. It is very expensive ($75-$100 a ticket)
2. I avoid socializing with parents because I like to keep my private life separate and well, private.
3. I don’t really mix with that sort of crowd. That isn’t meant to sound negative it is just that since I teach in a private school the parents are very wealthy and run in high-power and wealth circles. I do not.
4. I have social anxiety. I know! I’m a teacher with social anxiety! I’ve worked hard and avoid anxiety around my students, but at the end of the day I’m dying to get home and be alone! lol. The idea of a whole room of talking to people I vaguely know makes my stomach ill.
Last week I received the following note in my school mailbox:
“This is to let you know that a parent of [school name] has purchased you one auction ticket for you to attend this year’s auction. You are so appreciated for all you do and they want you to come and enjoy the evening celebrating our school! They wish to remain anonymous. If you would please let [parent name, school name] Vice President of the Parent’s Club know by Monday March 14th if you are NOT able to attend so that the ticket may be offered to someone else.”
Ummm. Wow. I had a lot of mixed emotions. I most definitely did not want to go to the Auction, but well, how can I not go now? Ultimately, I decided I had to go because of the generosity that someone else has shown towards me. And, I’ve had to work hard to have a good attitude about it. I’m very nervous, but am excited that it is going to be catered by Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse (yummy!).
I also realized I own nothing formal enough for the event. So, I went online and found a $17 Little Black Dress! I just wanted something to help be “blend;” not something spectacular.
I’m working hard to be excited.

4 thoughts on “Ungrateful Wretch!”

  1. That was nice of someone:) just keep thinking of the money/supplies/time the PTA donates to your art program and eat that yummy steak! and maybe have a little wine to help;)

  2. Awww thank you ladies! The auction was just cancelled do to some rather unusual goings-on at my school. . .And, man, I DO wish the PTA donated money, supplies and/or time to my department but instead I do Original Arts every year for them and the money goes to the entire school.It is all strange. . . but I have a hunch I'll still get to wear my dress somewhere!

  3. Whenever you think you're going to have the worst time is when you have the best time. That's been my experience! And money or no money obviously these people love their kids (so you have that in common) and appreciate you (so there's nothing to fear, you're probably a celebrity in their house. . . with their kids artwork on the refridgerator or in their case probably frames.) Sometimes you don't even know how much people like you, in this case their gesture of buying a ticket makes it obvious. People don't do that sort of thing for people they don't really like!Have fun and report back:)

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