Lesson Plan Wednesday: Color Theory, Op-Art Hands

I have SO enjoyed the give and take of sharing lessons back and forth with all of you. I’ve continued to write out all of my lesson plans (I’ve gotten down to a science, y’all!). And man, no my LP library is big. I can’t believe how many lessons (that are my own) that I have! Seeing them all in one place is a really visceral reminder of how important it is to write down those lessons right then, as-I-go!

Lesson Plan Wednesday is a new little feature on Artful Artsy Amy wherein I’ll be posting a written out lesson plan with (hopefully) as many pictures of the work as possible. Postings will occur weekly and on Wednesday (obviously!). There will be a variety of lessons presented, and if I write a lesson with the specific work of another artist/art teacher in mind I will credit that person. Right now, the plan is to only share those lessons I have written myself. . .Not those shared with me. But, if you want your lesson to be featured here, please let me know and I will do that too.

Lately, I’ve come across some sites that sell self-written lesson plans. . .And, honestly, I get it. I get it takes a bit to write out the lesson, I get wanting to financially benefit from this work, and I don’t think ill of it. . . But, I also know I will never purchase. I feel education should be free and I want to share my knowledge (oh and let’s be honest, I want everyone to share for free with me too!) with everyone in the most equitable manner possible.
I hope you enjoy it!
This week’s Lesson Plan Wednesday is Color Theory Op Art Hands. I would suggest this project for 4th/5th graders or even older (I prefer 5th). This is a great intro-to-contour-line-and-volume project. My hallway is currently all decorated-out with these guys, and I’ve already gotten tons of comments. The students love them and they learn a lot from them.
Also, please note, I put all of the Georgia Performance Standards for Visual Arts at the top of all of my lesson plans. I print them out, put them in a binder, and then highlight the standards to which the project adheres. If you are not in Georgia, you will probably want to delete/ignore this part of the LP.
**you are welcome to share this lesson plan on your website or blog but please credit Artful Artsy Amy as the source. Please do not re-publish this lesson plan for profit or for a grade.**

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  1. I'm with you regarding selling lesson plan PDF's. Like you said, I get it, but that's not why I surf the blogs and I prefer the friendly sharing that goes on. Thanks for all the work you're putting into this.

  2. Thanks so much for the cool idea. My second graders did this activity with their fifth grade buddies. Smashing results and tons of fun! Thanks again!

  3. Hi, I realize a lot of time has gone by since you posted this. In the middle of this post you mention that you will never purchase lesson plans and you believe all the information should be shared for free. However, when I click your link to download the lesson plan, I am sent to Scribd, where I am required to have a $8.99 a month subscription to download this lesson plan.I think your lesson plans are very thorough, required much time and thought to create them and the teaching standards you include are very valuable to public school teachers. I think you have a right to sell these plans and make some money back for all your time and effort. The economy is not very friendly to educators. However, being directed to a pay site right after reading a paragraph about free exchange of ideas makes you appear hypocritical. I think probably, your views changed- and I support that change of perspective. But I would also recommend removing the paragraph about free exchange from this post. I would have been much more open to paying for the lesson plan if I hadn't been primed to get it for free. I recognize the time and effort you've invested in this blog and appreciate these plans. This isn't a hateful comment! Best wishes and thanks for all the great ideas.

  4. Shaye,This post was written over three years ago; the internet (and her awesome applications) are ever-changing entities. Additionally, I'm busy, and I don't spend a lot of time worrying about going back and re-editing old blog posts to make sure people still have free access to something I uploaded to another site. At the time this post was originally written, it was free to upload/download material from scribd. Since that time, scribd has expanded their services to offer published ebooks etc, and (I'm totally guessing) their ability to offer free memberships has changed. I honestly don't know. What I do know, is that scribd continues to be the easiest way for me to upload .docs and .pdfs to the internet in a manner that is still easily viewable to my readers. I earn no money -in any manner- from scribd AND I do not pay to download any material from scribd (I like to keep it free for me too, so I only search for free resources on scribd). So, this makes me think there may be some weirdness with the link from this page and/or the manner in which the internet routed you to the page (I dunno). But, again, let me stress, my thoughts on offering free lessons online have not changed (nor do I anticipate them changing). And, I earn no money from my lessons here or on scribd. I appreciate that you were not attempting to be hateful, but essentially what I'm getting out of your comment is, “I am annoyed that I was not able to access a free resource. And, I'm going to use polite language to call you a hypocrite.” And, you know, the bottom line is that free written lesson plans or not, you've still got the pictures which pretty obviously let you know how this lesson goes down.

  5. I'm sorry, I should NOT have used the word hypocrite. In retrospect it does sound very strong and disrespectful which was not my intention. And I apologize because I obviously offended you and it honestly was not my intention. But yes, annoyed is a good word to describe how I felt, but I think I felt it more toward Scribd than you. It is impossible to find info on their subscriptions unless you actually try to download the item you want – look at the subscriptions page and the about page NO on the cost of the plans. Bait and switch is so common on the internet and I have developed a knee jerk reaction of suspicion and annoyance, especially because I actually believe that people who create valuable content have a right to receive compensation – you included. I donate to the plug-ins I use on my blog, subscribe to public media, etc etc. (maybe I have some feelings of self-righteousness that I'm unaware of, or just now becoming aware of!). So my frustration with Scribd, my knee jerk reaction to “bait and switch” and my self-righteousness at feeling like I would pay you if you just asked, led me to assume you wanted to be paid, and not the other possibility, which is that you had no idea Scribd was charging without your knowledge. And I'm assuming their way of reimbursing you is to give you a subscription and allow you to download for free. At any rate, I truly, truly apologize for assuming the worse instead of assuming the better. I came across as the jaded, exasperated internet surfer that I am, but worse, I aggravated you, which is an emotion you certainly do NOT deserve. I'm sorry.

  6. I wanted to add, that yes, your instructions for the project are very clear from the blog post. During the school year I volunteer to teach art in the public school system, I thought it would be a nice touch to bring in documentation on how the lesson corresponds to curriculum – even if it's from a different state. The teachers don't really need me to do that, though.

  7. S.C. -Nah! You didn't annoy/aggravate me. I send stuff out into the universe for people to respond to; I can hardly expect to only get the responses I might want. This is all part of blogging! Honestly, I checked more into it. . .And, you CAN have a free scribd account (wherein you don' t pay), but they make it really difficult to figure out how to register in that manner. Huge frowney face. I totally agree that it is a bit of a bait-and-switch. If you notice, in the more recent posts, I try to embed the document fully so readers can both view it and print it directly from my webpage. Honestly. . .I think what I'm going to start doing is just hosting my own little PDF/DOC website and re-routing people there, so they can download it for free no matter what. . .And the library is still there. In the beginning, I used to have people email me, but that got all kinds of crazy too fast. Then, blogger would let you embed docs as jpegs and people could full-screen them (now you can't really full screen them).So, there are constantly issues with the docs. Ugh. And, I feel bad that I came across as confrontational and snippy. I want this stuff to be FREE -like really easy to access and free- so I get super annoyed too when the internet refuses to cooperate. If you would like to send me your email -I'm artful.artsy.amy@gmail.com – I'd be happy to email you a copy of this LP (especially since you've been so kind and patient). xo Amy

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