Lesson Plan Wednesday: Color Theory, Hot Air Balloons

This week’s Lesson Plan Wednesday is Color Theory Hot Air Balloons. I would suggest this project for Kindergarten/1st graders (I prefer 1st). I’ve been doing this lesson for awhile (I **think** I saw something similar on artsonia years ago and was inspired for this lesson from it) and it is always positive. In my experience, whenever a teacher says: “Today we’re learning about the color wheel,” groans usually follow. I think it must be the “write out your work in math” equivalent! My students immediately change their attitudes when they realize they will get to make “pop-up” features!

Also, please note, I put all of the Georgia Performance Standards for Visual Arts at the top of all of my lesson plans. I print them out, put them in a binder, and then highlight the standards to which the project adheres. If you are not in Georgia, you will probably want to delete/ignore this part of the LP.
**you are welcome to share this lesson plan on your website or blog but please credit Artful Artsy Amy as the source. Please do not re-publish this lesson plan for profit or for a grade.**


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