My New Classroom

I snuck over to my new school this week and got a first look at my new art room. You can get a real feel for how over-excited about everything I am!

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  1. Pretty cool, Amy! You mean you didn't see the room BEFORE you took the job?! When I first got my job (before my nice art room) the supt. didn't want to show me the room because he was afraid I wouldn't take the job (it was a tiny old locker room that I was to share with the music teacher – it had ancient dusty radiators that clanged and a staircase to nowhere and of course a piano for her). What grade levels will you be teaching? It looks too sophisticated to be elementary. You've done clay before, right? How did you make it through college without ever learning to use a potter's wheel?!Is it a traditional silver photo lab, with enlargers and chemicals and the whole shebang, or is it a digital lab. Now that I think of it, it wouldn't need a revolving door for digital. So I am OH SO JEALOUS. My first 8 years teaching were as a grade 8-12 art teacher including a photography class. I loved having that darkroom, and while I do adore digital photo and use it pretty exclusively these days, there's a magic and a quality to silver black & white photo that can never be re-created digitally. Lucky you, but I guess you'd better take a photo class!One more thing – we get to know each other as bloggers, but it's always interesting to hear a voice – I expected a more “southern” drawl but it isn't there!

  2. Phyl – I will be teaching 6th, 7th, and 8th grade art. To my understanding, there wasn't an art teacher or art class last year so, I have a real opportunity to develop the program. I have done clay every year I've taught (I've been fourtunate to have a kiln 5 out of the 6 years of my experience). As for the wheel. . .I dunno how I managed to graduate without some knowledge of it. I do know my undergrad really stressed hand-building and that the pottery classes were always too full for me to enter. I have taken graduate level ceramics classes though, so I'm decent with clay (it not being my natural art talent area) and I have a potter friend I'll be visiting with this summer for tips and tricks of the wheel trade!I'm so excited about the traditional darkroom! I know it sounds in the video like I have no photography experience, but that isn't correct. I actually teach digital art and photography, but I've never taught traditional photography (even of the pinhole variety!), so that is what I meant and what I need to figure out. Fortunately, my mother is a professional photographer. Some of my earliest memories are of using the revolving darkroom door to run her photo paper through processing machines and/or to put them in chemical baths. I can remember a bathtub full of prints as a kid! She also still practices this, so i can “brush up” with her anytime I like! Aren't I a Miss Lucky-Pants?!About my lack of a Southern drawl. . .I lived in metro Atlanta as a kid and went to school with a lot of tranplants kids whose parents worked for Delta or Coca-Cola. The kids with accents got made fun of, and I wasn't having that. I will tell you though, when I get tired I definitely drawl, so it is still there in me somewhere!Hope -Thank you so much!

  3. Congratulations Miss Lucky-Pants! What a primo set up you have to teach in next fall! I too will be heading back to a brand new room after a year in transition while our 1949 building was totally overhauled. I share your excitement and cannot wait! Good luck to both of us!!!

  4. That is “EPIC” to use your words. . . how did they NOT have an art teacher? Did they waste their money on a room? It's OVER THE TOP! Where do you work at the white house? I'm glad they finally got money in the budget for an art teacher. Sometimes I get so frustrated what money gets spent on instead of teachers and stuff that's really needed! I lived in a darkroom. . . from highschool to college if you need anything, I can answer any question you have (don't do it anymore the chemicals have finally gotten to me:)

  5. You (and the students) DESERVE this beautiful art space. Especially after what you went through last year. You're being rewarded for your persistence, professionalism and passion. Can't wait to continue following your blog to see what you do with this room next year!!

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