I’ve jumped on the Pinterest train. After hearing so much about it on the Getty Art Education listserv, I was piqued. . . But, truthfully, it was my sister’s cajoling that got me to join.

When I went to register, I was put on a “waiting list.” Now, honestly, I just think this “waiting list” stuff is just great PR. It gets you thinking, “Wow, this is so popular, I have to wait.” I don’t do waiting very well. Haha! Well, that is putting it mildly. Anyway, I had my sister “invite” me using my email address and I was able to register “immediately.”

I was reading over on Mr. E’s page about his love of Pinterest, too. I have to say, I find Pinterest very easy to use, very intuitive and just like Mr. E, I find it a great way to “Pin” projects I really want to do eventually. I also really like that it automatically embeds the URL of the item you “Pin,” so if you end up doing the project a bajillion years later and have forgotten who to credit, you can easily find that.

You can see my Pin Boards at

So, darlings, are you Pinteresting? If so, please, please, please, add me a friend (name, Amy Johnson or artfulartsyamy and email; I’d love to share with you and to see how you are using it. If you need an invite to Pinterest, just email me at artful.artsy.amy@gmail and I will get on it!

11 thoughts on “Pinterest”

  1. Thanks, just got it, but I'm stumped. It says to sign up (or log in or something) with either facebook or twitter. I'm not on twitter, and my fb account is not linked to my blog, as I use it rarely. I'm not sure I like the idea of everyone who is my “friend” on fb seeing everything I do on pinterest. Am I making sense am I just a confused old lady? Is there no way around the fb thing?

  2. Phyl,You SHOULD be able to create a Pinterest profile w/o having a facebook and/or twitter account. But, I can't go back and see the registration page since I'm already registered.I DID go and do a bit of internet sleuthing and while everyone agrees that you shouldn't need a facebook and/or twitter to pinterest, no one seems to know how to register w/o facebook and/or twitter.Here are some options for you:You CAN register with facebook and choose to not share all of your pinterest and/or facebook info (works both ways) and you will be prompted with this question when you register (I think).The other option would be to go and create a twitter account under a different name or if you don't have a twitter, create one. You DO NOT have to link your twitter and your facebook accounts. In fact, you have to go to extra effort to link the two. You then could use this “bogus” name to create your pinterest profile. Since you won't be using your “bogus” twitter account there won't be anything for people to “look up.” Does that make any sense? lolI know all of the above seems like a pain just to pinterest, but I personally really like pinterest. You could always create an account just to check it out and if you don't like, delete it.

  3. I think I'm gonna do like Scarlet O'Hara and “think about it tomorrow”. It's time to feed me and my husband soon anyhow so I don't really have the time to fool around with it right now. I suppose I have to suck it up and use facebook, huh?

  4. After reading several blogs that were discussing Pinterest and all of the difficulties people were having with it, I decided to go with Evernote instead. It is AWESOME and has more benefits, in my opinion, than Pinterest. I'm just saying…….

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