Lesson Plan, Kandinsky, Tchaikovsky, and Non-Objective Art

Welcome back to a new school year! Last year, I started a feature called “Lesson Plan Wednesday.” This year a I have a new job, in a new town, with new students! The nature of how I will be teaching this year is changing how lesson plans will be posted during the school year. I am going to try and keep the lesson plan posts coming, but they will more spaced out than last year.
THIS lesson plan is about Kandinsky, Tchaikovsky, and non-objective art. My new middle school students have not taken an art course since elementary school, and I wanted to start the year off with a project that enabled them to celebrate their own innate creativity. Also, as you will remember, I groove out on the way the brain works when we learn. As such, I am attempting to create projects that align with brain-based learning and that help students cultivate the ability to creatively transfer skills between disciplines.

My 8th grade students created these projects during the first week of school. Students learned about and how to differentiate between abstract art and non-objective art. I am really excited about what my students learned. I am even more excited about how the students talked about transferring the ways in which they “brain stormed” to science, math, language arts, and social studies classes.

The format for these lesson plans is one that I use for my school. I did not create this lesson plan, so while you are welcome to use it, please be careful to not violate copyrights when sharing.

**you are welcome to share this lesson plan on your website or blog but please credit Artful Artsy Amy as the source. Please do not re-publish this lesson plan for profit or for a grade.**

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  1. Ironically, Amy, I just happened on this post via Pinterest. I don't know how I missed it when you first posted it. I'm a HUGE Kandinsky fan though I don't think I'll get to teaching him this year (and I guess that means I'll never get to? YIKES) Anyhow, great stuff here on this post. I have to take some time to really dig through it all.

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