Happy Labor Day!

I hope you have enjoyed yourselves and this holiday! It is my last “holiday” before Thanksgiving, so I made sure I enjoyed myself! I know for many of you this marks the end of summer vacation; may the beginnings of your new school year’s be positive and productive.
I have a lesson plan posting in the works, but until then, I have something amazing to share. I was out of town over the weekend, and my mom dog-sat my maltipoo, Fred, for me. My parents live on 4 acres of wooded lot and their home is at the tippy top edge of their property. This means there is a long, winding driveway that goes through the woods and over a bridge.
While leaving yesterday I spied a hawk on the side of the drive with a freshly killed squirrel. The squirrel was too big for the hawk to fly away with, so he was eating. . . a la carte? The local squirrels wanted him to go away so they grouped up and started aggressively chattering at him. This made him VERY angry and he squawked and spread his wings to full span.
sorry for the blurry image. Fred and I were moving around in excitement and it is shot with a phone!
During all of this I was about 4 feet away. I figured he wouldn’t bother me unless he saw me as a threat to his dinner. . .But, he didn’t like how excited Fred got about the squirrels and started looking at him like he was dessert!! So, we got in the car and I hung out about a foot out the passenger side window and took this film.
It was so amazing to see a wild hawk doing his hawky thing!

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  1. Cool. Squirrel sushi? Must be a day for nature events. I was driving home from buying milk at the grocery store (just a few blocks from home) and there's a place where a bike trail crosses the road. Trotting across the road on the bike trail, right in front of me, was a beautiful young whitetail deer. Yeah for nature!

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