A collaborative tessellation I supervised during a curriculum night years ago

This next week my 7th graders are going to be doing tessellations. I do a tessellation project based on an equilateral triangle. There are tons of great tessellelation ideas online!! Tessellations is a great cross-curricular math-based art project. . .So, if you’re in need of something like that, this is a good one for the “lesson plan arsenal.”

My students begin by creating three symmetrical faces. I encourage them to add in “funky” extras like cool hair, glasses, earrings, etc. etc. Next, students draw one half of each face onto one edge of an equilateral triangle. Students need to either trace over darkly with pencil or trace with black pen. They cut out their triangles and I make multiple copies for them on the school copier. They cut, color and assemble their triangles into an amazing tessellation.

The only rubs with this assignment are students forgetting to put names on triangles and then they get “stolen” (i.e. lost!) and students cutting off the black lines of the triangle. It is important to have the black lines of the triangle so students can have the most accurate cut when assembling their tessellations.
So, to solve this issue, I made this handy-dandy worksheet that has a built-in safety net for that. I used an exemplar image from another site, and you will see that citation on the worksheet. Enjoy and share, but do not financially profit or sell. You can click (to make bigger) and then right click and save this one. . . .

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Or, you can download this version here:


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