What’s Happening in Art This Week?

Do you have to blog as part of your job requirement? I do. Not here of course, but my school expects all teachers to keep a blog that is updated weekly. This provides an important resource for parents and students alike. Teachers use it in a variety of different ways in my school from a means to show homework, for reminders, for notes to parents etc.

As an Art teacher, I use it to share what the students are doing with parents, to give shout-outs to successful students, and to highlight the successes of the Art program.

I am going to begin to put a similar copy on this blog as well so you can see how I pace my students and what sorts of trouble we get up to!

This week in Art:

The 6th graders will be studying the nature of line and the art of Frank Big Bear. You can learn more about him here:

Here is an example of a 6th grade Frank Big Bear project:

The 7th graders will be learning all about texture, print-making and artist Albrecht Durer. You can learn more about him here:

Here is an example of the 7th grade project:

The 8th graders are going to be learning more about how to draw by observation. . .Specifically, they will be focusing on contour lines. You can learn more about contour lines here:

Here is an example of the 8th grade project: