12 Powerful Words for Standardized Testing

Recently, I discussed strategies you can use in your classroom to help integrate the yearly push to “integrate testing topics” into all classrooms. I know it is a hot topic for us Art teachers. . .Yet, you will be involved in standardized testing this year (one way or another!).

The literacy coordinator at my school gave me a list of 12 common words used on the CRCT (the Georgia version of the dreaded test). I decided to find visual reminders and make mini-posters for all the words. During my vocabulary photo search, I came across a fabulous little compilation made by another teacher. I put them all together in a presentation to share with you:
I like the idea of using these words in my classroom because ALL of them can lead to amazing art discussions. Just imagine starting class with “infer the meaning of this artwork” or “Compare and contrast the artworks below.” While I know we all (as those who often feel as the last hold-out for educational creativity) balk at standardized testing, these words are powerful and lend themselves to our class easily. Additionally, these words are beneficial for my students to learn, regardless of a test. And, I bet you feel the same.
If you want to download each slide as a photo to print out for your class, try visiting the site of origin, here.