"What I Do" Meme: Art Teacher Edition

Have you been enjoying the “What I Do” memes as much as I have? I love seeing how my friends interpret their careers and how they think everyone else interprets their job. Marcia, from Art is Basic, sent out a challenge for Art Teachers to create their own meme. . . And that was the last little push I needed to create my own!

art teacher meme
What do you think? What would your Art Teacher “What I Do” meme look like?

5 thoughts on “"What I Do" Meme: Art Teacher Edition”

  1. Great job! Did you see my blog? As soon as I posted that challenge, my friend posted on her facebook minutes later. I was going to make one of those up, and it's funny, I was going to use the Barbie picture too!!

  2. I wish I could upload a picture of a coloring book page with the caption “What my principal thinks I do”

  3. Ha!ha! This is great! I actually just posted a couple of the 'TEACHER' memes to my Facebook wall today (The one for: “What students think I do” showed a drill sergeant screaming in the recruits faces!! Soooo funny!) For 'What my friends think I do' I would put a picture of finger-painting because that's what they always tease me about! I'd like to try and make my own meme but sadly I don't think I have the tech skills to create one!

  4. I wish someone would post a tutorial on how to create a “meme” which I had never heard of before Marcia started the challenge!

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