What Would You Do?

This is what is on my easel today.

Last week, I got an email from one of the coordinators at my school. I have $138 to spend within a short time frame. If I do not spend the money, it goes back into the larger school account.

I have SO MANY items for which I want to use the money!! Here are a few of my items:

1. markers, ours are dying. . .yet, we don’t use the markers much for our final drafts, so is it really worth it to me? I’m not sure.

2. Acrylic paint. I’m teaching 3 (THREE!!) advanced art courses this quarter and I’d love to use some “real professional” paint. But, is $138 enough to make an impact?

3. Colored permanent markers. Those things just have SO MANY uses. But, I’m concerned about the theft issue and wondering if it is really worth the cost.

4. Encaustic paint pans. I’m just dying to teach a more traditional form of batik (as opposed to drawing with crayon/oil pastel on paper and washing with black dye). . .And, I’ve been hoarding all the tattered old crayons, so I already have the media!

What would you purchase for your classroom if you had a sudden $138 windfall?

5 thoughts on “What Would You Do?”

  1. Amy, it sounds like you need the acrylic paint the most. You can always do without the markers at this point in the year, but if you opt for the permanent markers, have the kids sign them out when they use them. If you go for the paint, use the Basics brand, which is pretty good for student use. Get the primary colors plus black and white and let the kids mix whatever else they need. As for the encaustic pans, ask if any parents have some muffin tins to donate, along with an old electric skillet. Put some water in the skillet and melt your crayons that way. Good luck and spend whatever they give you! Cynthia

  2. Maybe the acrylic. I agree with Cynthia about the encaustic pens – it's too easy to do without special stuff. Maybe some good metallic paint. But really I think I'd go for something that will be there for the long-term, not so disposable as paint. If you don't have one, a Logan mat cutter (though in hindsight that probably costs too much.) Or maybe a bunch of self-portrait mirrors, or a few desk-top easels? Or maybe you already have this stuff.

  3. i agree… go with the acrylic paint. markers are cheap enough that you can always pick the up at the dollar store or ask for them from your title 1 person in the school — it is considered a school supply so i think they have to supply you with it if you tell them it is for the students (that is how i got a bunch of #2 pencils). I personally would order clay for a ceramics project since i am always unable to purchase it with my yearly alloted funds.

  4. You could always purchase a large ticket item like a slab roller which will last for years. Not sure how expensive they are though.

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