Using Mobile Phones in the Classroom: A Classroom Contract

This summer, I’m presenting at the 12th Annual Model Schools Conference in Orlando, Florida. Are any of you attending? Maybe we could organize a bloggy meet-up?

I’m really excited because I’m going to be presenting some research, tips, methods, and usage about mobile phones in the classroom. . . And, this isn’t just for the Art classroom! It is invigorating to have the opportunity to talk to non-Art educators about something that we can all utilize.

One of my talking points is going to be the importance of creating a classroom contract for your students in order to manage behavior. I thought I’d give you all a sneak-peek of what my classroom contract for mobile phone usage looks like.

Enjoy! Please feel free to download and share.

2 thoughts on “Using Mobile Phones in the Classroom: A Classroom Contract”

  1. I also have cell phone use issues in my classrooms. In fact, I just wrote about that: ( like your idea of a contract though. I have a class contract about behavior in general, but maybe I'll incorporate some of this, too for next year.Our school policy is that teachers have the right to take away the phone at any time, then it goes to the office and your parent has to come get it- but that's a lot of work or me. I've become known for taking phones and giving kids the option to go through the office/parent pick-up deal, or sing a song to the class to get it back.I usually don't have an issue after that. The idea of singing for their classmates is mortifying! Although I've had a few do it, and it's pretty hilarious.

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