Using Code to Digitally Create in the Art Room

Have you tried out Scratch yet? Be prepared to lose yourself in awesomeness.

Scratch is a FREE (and downloadable) program designed by students at MIT to help kids learn how to use code to build. . .But without the worries of syntax errors.  Don’t worry; you don’t have to be code-literate to teach it.  Rather, you need to understand that coding is essentially wherein you tell the chosen item how to behave through specific commands.

I like it because:
1) it teaches my students the basics of code which may help them develop a skill needed for a career in digital technology

2) the creative applications and uses for it are literally endless

I began by teaching my students how to teach a Sprite (a chosen item; usually a character) how to move using keys. For our first big project, we are creating a simple game (I referenced the how-to guide here: )

Here is my very first game (honestly, I’d been using Scratch for 3 days when I made this; it is that easy):
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