Digital David Hockney Project and Edmodo

My 8th graders have been working on a lot of digital art projects lately.  When finished, I like for them to be able to output a full color print. Depending on the lab, toner-availability, and printer concerns, this is not always possible.  Instead, I limit their color printing to the projects that are most “hallway worthy.” 

Grading digital work that is not printed however, can be a bit tricky.  I’ve been turning more and more to as a resource for handing in digital work.  Edmodo is a facebook-like website for educators that allows us to create groups (classes/projects/assignments etc.) wherein the students can communicate and upload information. The students love it because the interface is similar to facebook and very in-line with their digital means of communication. I like it because the groups we create are entirely private and can only been seen by those who have the group code (which is given to you when you create a new group) which in my case is the students and me.  I can also share the code with parents so they can view the page. . .AND, I have total control and ability to see every tiny little change each and every student makes. It is awesome.

Furthermore, Edmodo has several teacher groups available for collaboration. . .I’ve already learned SO much from these groups.  Do you Edmodo? If you do, look for me in the Computer Technology and Creative Arts Communities as Ms. Johnson!  

Here is a screen shot of my 8th grade Honors Art Edmodo group (I’ve blacked out all sensitive information):

This week, the 8th graders have been working on a digital David Hockney photomontage project. They uploaded their completed work to Edmodo. . . And, then I selected a few for printing.  Enjoy!







2 thoughts on “Digital David Hockney Project and Edmodo”

  1. I've never heard of Edmodo but it sounds perfect for those of us who work with the middle school set. I know my students would love to use it…I'm going to go check it out right now!

  2. Great projects! Our students each have a google email account so they email me anything that needs to be graded. What program are your students using to create these david hockney collages?brenda

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