Signs They are a Changin’

Here is another great lesson inspired by the work, lessons, and idea of Olivia Gude.  In this case, students examined popular signage and altered the ideas slightly to make a completely different sign. My students loved this and had a blast.

I really stressed to my students this was a “creativity” project.  It was important to me for them to stretch their creative thinking skills as far as they could. . . And, I am so proud of the results.


classroom signs










3 thoughts on “Signs They are a Changin’”

  1. I saw her present at the National Art ed convention this past year and she was one of my faves. A lot of resistance to her approach among the art teachers I have to say. Right up my alley though. She is a deep thinker and I've always wanted to do this project though I teach elementary:( Great solutions by your students! I can see it was a hit.

  2. I got to take her to lunch one day (and totally picked her brain!). . . And, I bet some teachers find her hard to swallow. She has these incredible ideas about students being in charge of their learning experiences, using provoking ideas, and pushing limits. Stuff I LOVE. When I heard her speak I thought: “OH SNAP. Someone who is articulating what I've always thought but didn't know how to say. . . AND who is taking is one step further.” Definitely a master teacher!!

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