How to Make Your Own Marbeled Paper


Marbeled paper is a great resource to have in any Art room. The unique patterning of the paper can add a lot to collages and other paper-oriented projects. BUT, marbeled paper is also very expensive. Here is a fun, cheap, and easy way your students can make their own marbeled paper.


You will need:
-white paper (any kind works, but I like sturdy paper and/or finger-paint type paper)
-spray paint in several colors (those little “accent” spray cans are perfect)
-small tubs for water (you will want to devote these tubs to this purpose and/or “art” after)
-a place to dry wet art

1. Fill water tubs about 1/2 full of water and place outside
2. Spray several “spurts” of different colors onto the water surface
3. Place a sheet of paper on top of the water
4. Allow water to swirl for a few seconds (not too long or the paint will dry!)
5. Pull away -the paint will stick to the paper in whatever formation it was in on top of the water
6. Allow to dry
7. Voila! You now have marbeled paper!

diy marbeled paper

My students can earn a “spray paint day” by achieving a set number of good behavior days in Art class.  They LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this process.

We used our marbeled paper this past week to make cranes.



3 thoughts on “How to Make Your Own Marbeled Paper”

  1. AmyI came up with a plan for those sharpies that seem to “dissappear”…. When I pass them out- I keep the cap. That way they don't walk out of my room because they would be useless. I also know how many markers are being used

  2. If you can't go outside and therefore are unable to use spray paint, you can marble with a tub of liquid starch, and float slightly watered acrylics on top. Swirl gently with a fork , lay paper on top, pull paper off, and blot. They come out gorgeous. Or swirl liquid watercolors in shaving cream you have sprayed on a tray. Squeegee off; it will be gorgeous.

  3. Thanks again for a great post. I love using marbled paper – it's great for so many projects, and beautiful if you make it yourself! I've done the shaving cream one – results are beautiful, but I seem to go through loads of shaving cream! Will definitely try the spray paint!

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