National Arts in Education Week & Americans for the Arts Fall Blog Salon

September 10-14th is National Arts in Education Week, and I’m really excited.

I’m excited because it is a whole week wherein we can share how vital the Arts are to education. . .And, it is an election year. It seems when budgets get slashed, so do the Arts. Yet, Art is one of the most fundamental and profound parts to being a human. . . In the STEM (STEAM please!) rush, the value of being able to think differently and creatively is getting washed away in favor of more automated learning. I’m all for developing humans who can compete on a world stage, but we are devaluing ourselves and our children when we deny access to the Arts in education. Furthermore, the inclusion of Arts in the push for more Science, Math, and ELA only means more positive outcomes for students.

For example, an artist has collected fractal images on Google Earth. So, from this one Art project we have connections to Science, Social Studies, Math, and Art.

This year, the Americans for the Arts blog is hosting a blog salon, and I’m so thrilled to be a part of it.

The salon will take place on the Americans for the Arts blog from September 10-14th.  It will have perspectives from twenty different Arts educators and leaders about the intersection of Common Core Standards and the Arts.

From Americans for the Arts:
The salon is a biannual event about arts education topics, and this fall’s theme is the intersection of the arts and the new Common Core State Standards. Among the writers that have agreed to make contributions to this conversation are: Yong ZhaoRichard Kessler, and Amy Johnson.

Join us on Twitter on September 12, from 6-7PM Eastern, for a Twitter chat using the #artsed hashtag.

I will link to my bit on the Americans for the Arts blog as it is published. Until then, I really hope you will take the time to read what everyone has to say and (if you are able) participate in the Twitter chat (you can dm me @artfulartsyamy). I’m really optimistic about the positive impact CCS can have on Arts education.

Want to know more about National Arts in Education Week? Here are a few great links:
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