Digital David Hockney Photo-montages

My 8th graders learned all about David Hockney and photo-montages this week.  These are the first few to finish.  Students could either select their own theme or could use the annual PTA Reflections theme which (this year) is “the magic of a moment.”

Here is our process (5 class days total):

1. students identified a theme and subject

2. students spent 1 class period taking digital photos -each student needed at least 30 images (you always have a few “throw away” ones!)

3. We had a small lesson about transferring photos and assembling photos into a montage in MS Publisher (a program already installed on computers). Students spent 2 class periods assembling 3 different montages. They used the same theme, subject, and photos, but assembled in different manners.

4. We had a small lesson about saving Publisher files as JPEGs, manipulating montages in MS Photo Editor (contrast, hue saturation, cropping), and manipulating montages with filters in such free online programs as Pixlr, Pixlr-o-Matic, and BeFunky. Students spent 2 class periods on montage manipulation.

5. Students titled and uploaded completed montages to Edmodo group, and had to make at least 5 positive comments on others’ work. Each comment had to be in a complete sentence that was specific about the artwork observed. This only took part of one period.

Here are the results (about 1/2 of the kids aren’t quite finished as we still have 1 more day to go):


photomonatge 7

passion for books 2


my project 1

logan photomontage4

Landscape Of Pictures

4 thoughts on “Digital David Hockney Photo-montages”

  1. These are fabulous, Amy! I love David Hockney's work but never could come up with a good way to interpret it with kids. I’m not familiar with a lot of the technology stuff you used so I wish I was in your class! One question: do have a computer for each student? I can't imagine how you would have done this if you didn't have everyone able to be on a computer at once. But I wouldn't have the know-how to walk the kids through this process. Again -fabulous!!

  2. Phyl,I'm thinking about doing a video about how to use some of the online tools I utilize all the time in the classroom. I take my students to the computer lab when we work on digital projects. I agree, it is HARD to do a project like this if everyone does not have a computer. I'm lucky because my school has several labs, and I book waaayy in advance. Also, my media specialist is really good about working me into a lab (when needed) because they are familiar with the results. At first, they were like: “Uh, what is the Art teacher going to do in the computer lab?!” But, now they get it.

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