Playing with Perspective

 I am in a bit of a post-scavenger hunt daze. My life right now seems to be split into two parts:  pre-scavenger hunt and post-scavenger hunt.

As the clock ran down for the scavenger hunt, one of the organizers of the event sent of this missive:  “We create, therefore we live.”

Alright, so if you are a long-time reader you know I’m a bit of a free spirit, a bit of a hippy, and a serious believer in the high-value of play in life and education.  I’m confident.  But, this scavenger hunt thing? It pushed me waaay outside of my boundaries. I grew in leaps and bounds creatively, emotionally, and personally.  I like working alone, and instead, I had to work collaboratively and closely with people whom I still have not yet met. I had to rely on others. I had to ask for help. And, I had to do bizarre things that not only made me laugh (and remind me that I should laugh so much more), but also helped me to understand that being a bit different isn’t something we should accept; it is something we should celebrate.

Also, doing funny stuff is (hella) fun. And, giving yourself constraints simply because you are a “grown up” is not only ridiculous, it is stifling. 


“Make sure you get one of Ms. J. acting weird!”

It was such an amazing experience. And, this is the kind of confidence and creativity I want for my students. 

So, you know me. . .I designed a day of class in the spirit of the scavenger hunt!

No lie: teaching traditional one-point and two-point perspective sucks. It is boring. Ugh. So boring. I hate teaching. I loathe it. . .I work really hard to avoid it. Blergh.   So, today, I decided to turn perspective a bit on its head.

Here is what we did:

1. We looked at this Power Point about literal, figurative, drawn, and observed perspective. Then, we looked at playing with perspective.

2. Students broke off into groups of no more than 3 and were given a digital camera.

3. Students had to come up with five different ways of playing with perspective. . .And,their groups will be awarded 5 points for each different perspective.  But, I can award up to 3 extra points per image based on originality, creativity, awesomeness, or hilarity.

4. On Monday (after students have cropped and edited and submitted their work to our online page in Edmodo), I will assign points and identify a winner.

5. The winning team will each get a FREE Chick-Fil-A biscuit.

Oh. OH. oh. The THINGS my students will do for a bit of fried chicken on a biscuit!

They had so much fun. . .And, they learned a lot. Their pictures got progressively better the longer we were outside. . .And, it was great to see them work to problem-solve the issues they were having with initial ideas etc. etc. The coolest part is that we were outside for about an hour, and not one kid was off-task.

And, as a bonus, I laughed, and laughed, and laughed. 












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