Lesson Plan: Art, Typography, Literacy, and Common Core

Art is very fun/ a way to express yourself/ painting, drawing, art (student initials)

I’ve been waiting for sooo long to show these amazing works off to you!  I wrote and taught this unit for the first time during the 1st quarter. . .The results, honestly, were a bit mixed. But, the student feedback was ah-mazing and helped me to tweak it here and there to make it even better for my 2nd quarter students.

This project is the result of my attempting to incorporating visual art, art careers, literacy, and Common Core Standards all into one project. I mean, you know, why not?! lol. I taught this unit to my 6th graders and estimate it would work well for 5th-7th grade students (maybe advanced 4th grade students).


1. I introduced typography to my students using this great video about graphic design:

what is graphic design from Steve Quinn on Vimeo.

And, this great ppt about typography:

2. We learned about the haiku poetry style and discussed how syllables correspond to beats. We compared syllables to beats rapper use in music. . . We used words like “count,” “beat” “pump.”

3. Students identified a topic important to them and their lives and wrote a a haiku.

4. Students took a square sheet of paper and made 4-5 wavy lines. Next, they wrote in their haiku making sure that each letter touched the line above and below. We didn’t worry about each “line” of our poems corresponding to a “line” on the paper.

5. Students inked their text. We discussed (and reviewed) line weight. We re-examined different styles of typography and students manipulated their text as desired.

6. Students used tempera paint to create color in-between the text.  We could’ve incorporated color theory at this juncture, but I felt that they needed a little freedom and let them run wild with the color choices.

Football is awesome/ you can get a lot of money/ it is so much fun


Basketball is so cool / I will play it all all day long / it is so awesome

soccer is very cool/ my favorite team is ????/ espanol?

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  1. Hi. Thanks for sharing this. 4 years later I discover it and am doing it with a couple of Grade 7 classes. This is awesome. We outlined out letters first, then painted the colour then inked the letters last, with markers. Thanks again. Your lesson plan is excellent.

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