When Your Alter Ego is Exposed

 Artful Artsy Amy had an unprecedented number of visitors this past weekend. Unfortunately, my Statcounter account is only set up to track the most recent five hundred or so. . .Which meant, I couldn’t determine from whence all these new visitors arrived.

Then, on Monday, one of my best students started asking me some pretty pointed questions about my education, my travels, my other teaching jobs. . .I mean, they like to be nosy, but it was a little bit unusual. So, I narrowed my eyes, put my hands on my hips, and said: “Uh. Where is all this coming from?”

She gleefully chortled: “I found YOU online! You’re Artful Artsy Amy!”

And, just like that, my little bloggy reading friends, my cover was blown.

I’m not gonna lie, the first few seconds, my entire internet life flashed before my eyes.  But, then, I calmed down because. . . .I’ve been very conscious of writing this blog as if the parents of my students are reading it. Whew. Glad I did that. . .Because, uh, yeah, apparently a few parents did read the blog!

I know there are a few of us Art Education bloggers who blog anonymously.  When this blog began, I thought about doing that. I determined, however, that would never work for me; I enjoy being specific far too much. Yet, at the same time, I still -because this is online after all- feel a bit anonymous. Yet, even this false sense of anonymity is disappearing. In the audience of the last three presentations I made were long-time readers of this blog, and they were able to recall things I’d written years ago.

My students’ discovery of Artful Artsy Amy is a bit of a reminder to be professional about what it is I do online. It is also a reminder that while we often feel a bit removed from “real-life” online, we really are not.  It also serves to remind us that our students are often far more interested in who we are than we think. . .And, that is it important to behave accordingly.

Oh, and to my nosy little students: HAI GUYS!

2 thoughts on “When Your Alter Ego is Exposed”

  1. I always keep in mind that it is so easy to find things on the internet so never say anything you wouldn't say to everyone's face…. boss, parents, kids…

  2. This is funny. I feel I'm anonymous to my students as well. I tell the kids about my blog, the teachers all know but I have never received a comment from any of them. Maybe they want to be anonymous too!

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