What is Art: Welcome to the 2013-14 School Year


The first day of school is tomorrow; I’m so excited to see my kiddos again.  This year is a little bittersweet because I’m really sad that I won’t have my now-9th-grade students; they’re off to high school. A few of them came by to visit me during meet-n-greet, and I was thrilled to see their high-school schedules and talk about their summers. . .But, again, I’m sooo bummed I won’t get to see them every day.

On the sweet side, I have an AWESOME group of students this year, and even one special class of kiddos who will be earning high school credit for their work in Art class. So, heck yeah.

I get bored with the back-to-school rule-review as I repeat it at least 14 times during the first week. So, this year, I made a little meme/gif/image-based presentation to introduce me, my rules, and expectations for the classroom. Feel free to head on over to slideshare, download the presentation, and edit it to suit your needs (there are a lot of animations in the presentation; you have to download it to view the animations).

Also, a few of you asked for a copy of my “What is Art?” presentation; You can view it (and then head over to slideshare to download and edit) below:

2 thoughts on “What is Art: Welcome to the 2013-14 School Year”

  1. Love both powerpoints, but the “What is art?” the best! I tried to have the conversation with my high schoolers and the beginning of second semester last year, and it's tricky when that's never been done before! Thanks so much!

  2. Thanks to you, I just discovered Slideshare. These are brilliant. I'm hoping I can learn to do this too. What a terrific way to hold your student's attention. Kim

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