Reflections of Social Justice: GAEA Presentation #1

Overall presentation:

Images from the Berlin Wall:

Berlin wall graffiti from ksumatarted

Worksheet :(downloadable version

Project Overview:  Creating contemporary metaphors to the Berlin Wall
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Gathering information:
-students view propaganda video about the Berlin Wall
-students hypothesize about what happened next
-students view Time video from Pulitzer-winning photographer about the tearing down of the wall
-students critically examine what happened to the German people as a result of WW2 and discuss their emotional response
Gathering information:
-students view graffiti from the Berlin Wall
-students view graffiti from the West Bank of the Wall
-students learn about contemporary graffiti artists such as Haring, Banksy, Mr. Brainstorm, and Banksy
-students are asked to personally define social justice –through classroom discussion and writing exercise, worksheet “Tear Down That Wall”
-students are asked to critically discuss how graffiti is helpful/harmful to a society
Demonstrating thoughtful understanding:
-collectively, students are asked to identify topics of social justice in global culture
-students discuss how modern issues are metaphorical Berlin Walls in society
-students are asked to create a paper-based panel of a graffiti wall featuring their thoughts and opinions through graffiti text and visual cues about a modern, contemporary, social justice issue
-students present their artwork to the class and discuss their artistic choices
-students participate in a group critique
-students hang each piece together to make a long mural in the school hallway; the art will engage in the school community in thoughtful discussions of modern social justice issues