Becoming Someone Else

Due to snow and ice, I haven’t left my home since 5:30 pm on Monday evening (it’s now Thursday evening). I’m an introvert… I can self-entertain for hours, but at a certain point, cabin fever set-in. So, after 25+ hours of graduate homework, four books, cooking all the food that could be cooked (ever), I decided to become Louise Brooks.
It surprised me just how “inside Ms. Brooks’s head” I had to get in order to even get something semi-decent. She was a really sad person. Super sad. Anyway… While I was working on this (somewhat insane for a 32 year old woman) journey, it occurred to me, “This would be a great high-school Art assignment.”  The assignment being, “Go home. Find a photograph of someone who intrigues you, and become that person. Take pictures of yourself as that person, and then do a short write up about what it was like to briefly be that person.”
You could use Cindy Sherman as an influential artist for reference…  

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  1. Hope things are thawing out for you guys! We had 19 inches of snow yesterday which resulted in 2 snow days( yesterday and today). Need to go shovel the driveway again as we got another 3-4 inches overnight and I have errands to do today! Hang in there! 🙂

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