Vote for The Best Dressed Art Teacher (or just one reason why I love Art teachers!)

Just y’all.
I love me some Art teachers.
No matter what school you visit, you can always pick out the Art teacher.
We are the ones who are just a little bit more carefully put together. . .Maybe not as professional, conservative, or in a way that makes sense to anyone but us. . But, us purveyors of aesthetics have thought out what we put on (or deliberately not thought it out; it’s a purposeful thing). Once upon a time, it was my goal to always look just a little bit, “off.” This embarrassed my sister to no end (bonus!). And, this sense of purposeful strangeness is something I just love about us.

Which is why I want you to hustle over to Cassie Stephens blog and vote for your favorite of the best-dressed Art teachers.  Will you vote for Frida? Bob Ross? Or Ms. Paintbrush? Or maybe you have another favorite?

All I know is that I adore, nay love, being a part of community that lays claim to such epic awesomeness. I love you guys. Thank you Cassie for hosting a contest of such insane coolness.

P.S. I didn’t enter. . .But, in the interest of fun, here are a few of my more favorite Art-teacher get-ups.

One day, I taught class as a robot. My principal loved it (no she really did!).

Pretending to be Louise Brooks.

For Halloween, I was Medusa. It was epic. 

Pretending to be one of the Brady Bunch. 

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