Urban Cityscapes Inspired by Room 9: Art!

Have you ever done a project simply based on the materials you had on hand and fallen in love with the results?  

I have.
I posted previously about these incredible cityscapes by Room 9: Art! In my mind, the cityscapes are not only beautiful; they use easily found resources. I’m bowled over by this ingenious project and super grateful to Room 9: Art! for sharing it!! At this time in the year, my Art room supplies are very thin, very used-up, and very sparse (we are out of red colored pencils; just red mind you!). So, I thought to myself, “now this looks like a project that we could both do based on supplies, enjoy, have a great project, and have some meaningful learning happen!  And, as a bonus. . .All of the works you see on this post are made by my most difficult class (in terms of behavior). So, yeah, there is also a huge level of student interest and buy-in for this project! Boo-ya!
Here is what we did:
-talked about collages
-talked and looked at found object art/recycled art 
-talked and defined relief sculpture
-gathered up all of the “art junk” and made a huge pile in the center of the room
The pile was about ten x’s this size. It was SO epic.
Here is what the students did:
-assembled the junk to make a cityscape of their design (they could work solo or in pairs)
the old cds are from an old editing software program from the late 90s. And, phone cord! 
-used school glue and glue guns to assemble (not tape! that was part of the challenge). Our school glue was so limited we actually diluted it and put it into bowls. It still worked. Whatevs! We only used the glue gun for “tricky” stuff b/c we were down to 20 glue gun sticks.
-painted the assemblage black (we only had a smidge of acrylic black and a smidge of tempera black left. The kids diluted it and it still worked fine)
-used the “nubbins” that are the remaining oil pastels sideways to develop texture
-en voila! awesomeness!
That would be a bridge in the middle of this one! So cool!!

I kind of love how this one is more abstract

Simple; but it works

Toes for scale. Also, how cool are those awnings (made from bulletin board borders)?

These artists added some “graffiti” to theirs to make it “legit”

This one has a support built in the back so it stands on its own

Don’t they make a charming village?!

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  1. What awesome, creative pieces! I have a bunch of cardboard from boxes that I cut up and saved because I wasn't going to throw it out… this project is a great inspiration for using them and a bunch of other recycled/saved stuff I have ! Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

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