Looking Back on 2013-2014 School Year

Here are my hands-down favorite things that went down during my 2013-2014 school-year.

I played GISHWHES again, and held a Robot Dance Party.
I taught 46 kids at a time. Whew. Intense.

The kids interacted with my artwork using mobile devices and social media. 
I was named Georgia Middle Level Art Educator of the Year by the Georgia Art Education Association.
I totally dressed up like Medusa for Halloween. 
 My selfie-ruining game got strong.
Over 50 of my students won awards of recognition and/or placement at juried exhibitions, shows, and student-art publishing. 
I went on a leadership-building camping trip with other education colleagues in my district. And, not only did I not freak-out; I was named a team-lead (wha-what!). 
I got to teach some awesome kids tons of totally cool art things (and stuff), but one of my year-long favorites was teaching them how to egg-tempera. 
My baby bro got his doctorate, and I got to be there to hear the first time he was called,”Dr.”
Snowpocalpse, Atlanta-Edition, happened. It took me 6 hours to get home from work, and I couldn’t leave my home for another FIVE days (here is a pic from the very last day of homebound-dom).
I got bored being stuck at home alone during Snowpocalypse. So, I became Louise Brooks. Then, I made my kids do something similar at school for a project (natch). 
I got to present at the NAEA Convention with Cheri Lloyd. . .Who may be one of the hands-down coolest people ever. We became insta-friends!
artwork by Tricia Fugelstad
I was hired as an adjunct professor of Art. You can call me Prof. Z. 
Their shirts read, “I’m Hers.”
The last full-month of school, my colleagues recognized me with this. 
I taught this wonderful woman in high school. It was an absolute pleasure to attend her Undergrad Senior Exit Show. I was so impressed with her work, I cried (and I totally don’t do that!).
I love my school’s tradition of walking out to the edge of the property and waving to the kids on the last day of school.
I spent a lot of the year grinning with kids and then, and praising their crazy-awesome ways like this:
And, while that was so incredible, it kept me busy and sometimes made me feel like this: 
But overall, I gotta say, I feel this way about the school-year. . .Because, no lie, I believe I have the best job in the ENTIRE world!
Thanks for letting me share this year with you. I’m Looking forward to sharing the 2014-2015 hilarity, bedlam, awesome-ness with y’all. 

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  1. Thanks for letting us share your year! Congrats on the Teacher of the Year award- well deserved! Donna Staten

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