Art of Education Summer Conference!

Are you attending the Art of Education’s Summer Conference?

I’m so (SO!) excited to announce that I will be presenting at it! Jessica (the owner of AOE) has put together an incredible conference designed to inspire, provoke, and get you excited about your next school-year. I hope you will attend; I’m really looking forward to Teresa Gillespie, Ian Sands, and Cassie Stephens’ presentations.

I hope to see you there!

And, if you are interested, here is a bit of information about my session (oh, let the controversy begin!).

10 Things You Need to Know About Teaching at a “BAD” School

Teachers frequently use charged language when discussing students and school environments; all too often, we identify schools populated by the poor, at-risk, troubled, and/or children of color as being “bad.” Our language and actions perpetuate a cycle of inequity that puts communities, families, students, and teachers of so-called “bad” schools at a severe and constant disadvantage. This session covers 10 common misconceptions about “bad” schools, and what we, the teachers, can do to overcome them.