Critical Multiculturalism Readings

I like to talk quite a bit about critical multiculturalism. As a teacher of diverse students, as a child of missionaries, and as a person of the planet. . .I find the study of equity and inclusion to be compelling and necessary. Below, are a few of my favorite readings on critical multiculturalism. Some are free, and some require a subscription a specific journal and/or database. If you are currently an enrolled university/college student and/or employee, you will most likely be able to access many (if not all) of the articles below through your educational institution’s databases access (and/or through your educational institution’s subscription to SagePub, EbscoHost, and JStor). 
Readings related to critical multiculturalism:
Allen, J.B. (2008)
Almeida, D.A. (1997)
Art Education for Social Justice                                                  
Anderson,T., Gussak D., Hallmark K.K., & Paul A., (2010)
Banks, J.A., McGee-Banks, C.A., (2003)
Britzman, D.P., Gilbert, J. (2004)

Toward a Pedagogy of Compassion                                        
Carson, T., Johnston, I., (2000)

Celebrating Pluralism                                                                     
Chalmers, G., (1996)

Celebrating Pluralism Six Years Later                                       
Chalmers, G., (2002)

Black Feminist Thought                                                                 
Collins, P.H., (1991)

The Power of Multicultural Education                                     
Graham, M.A. (2009)
Gorski, P.C. (2009)
The Pedagogy of Poverty v. Good Teaching                         
Haberman, M. (1991)

Knight, W.B., (2006)

New Directions in Multicultural Education                             
Ladson-Billings, G. (2004)

The Case for Culturally Relevant Pedagogy                          
Ladson-Billings, G. (1995)
Lee, C.D. (2009)

Start Where You Are But Don’t Stay There                           
Milner, H.R., (2012)