Preventing Permanent Marker Theft: Updating the Marker Caddy

One of the most popular posts on this blog is about preventing marker theft. Specifically, it is a how-to build a marker caddy out of cheap items.  A lot of you seem to like it and find it useful; that makes me really happy.

The original design called for covering floral foam with masking tape.

One of you improved the design (and shared it with me!) by adding duct tape. This is the second generation of the design.

This is my marker caddy after nearly four years of use. I have re-covered it three times. As you can see, it looks really loved. Students are intrigued by the nature of foam, so sometimes it gets a little abused. Additionally, the powder of the green foam sometimes comes out with the markers and this can be a disturbance (imagine a student shouting, “Ew!! What is this stuff?!?”).  But, overall, I am happy with the duration of this cheap little organizer.

I decided to make a new one in anticipation of next year, and I improved the design a little bit.

You will need:
-old large marker caps that your sharpies can fit inside (I kept these from our dried out markers)
-Xacto blade
-duct tape
-2 bricks of floral foam

1. Push holes in your floral foam using the marker caps.

2. Leave the marker caps in the floral foam.

3. Cover your bricks with duct tape of choice. I make two layers.

4. Cut your holes back open with the Xacto blade. You can feel the holes by pushing gently on your duct-tape.

5. Put your markers in the holes. Voila! A new marker caddy. The recycled marker caps keep the floral foam powder at bay, and the inhibit the destrcution of the caddy (it won’t elminate it; they are kids, after all!).


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  1. Love this idea! I use duct tape flags on my pencils but hadn't thought about the numbering. I know what I'll be working on this weekend!

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