Makey Makey Fractions Game for Elementary Students

I’m going kinda nuts for this Makey Makey thing.

I work in close proximity to subject-area coordinators for general education subjects. Lately, I’ve been challenging myself to integrate the arts with Science and Math. Visual Art teachers are usually eager to integrate (art isn’t created in a vacuum and all of that), but it is often with Language Arts or Social Studies. The results of this challenge have been gratifying. It is often difficult since Math and Science were never my strongest subjects, but that seems to be where the magic happens. I can think back to being a student, being intimidated by whatever was happening in Math and Science. . . And then I think, “What would have been helpful to me then?” The rest seems to easily spin out like a top.

Well, part of that ease is the fact I have multiple opportunities to collaborate with master Math and Science educators who provide incredible feedback, inspiration, and ideas. It helps to have the heavy-hitters nearby.

Currently, I’m pursuing ways to integrate Math, Coding, and Visual Art. I tend to be good at Visual Art and Coding or Math and Coding, but not all three. I have some collaboration time set aside in the near future, and I’m pretty excited about might develop.

In the meantime, here’s a fairly straight-forward game I put together for fractions. Students build a game controller using 8.5 x 11 paper and graphite (pencil). Students hook the controller up to a Makey Makey and interact with a game I coded (whew. the coding part was extremely challenging to me).

Here is a video of the game and controller in action:

Here is the game (

Here are PDFs of the controllers:

Let me know your thoughts!