Welcome to the New Artful Artsy Amy

Hey everyone! Welcome to the new-and-improved Artful Artsy Amy! As of this year, Artful Artsy Amy is 10 years old, and the website was due for an overhaul. Now, you can find your favorite Art Education posts and lessons with greater ease by using the menu buttons. You can search for lessons by grade level, and for classroom management posts by title.

I hope you continue to find the website useful and helpful. And, as before, all resources are free. There are also sure to be a few snags here and there. If you come across a resource you want/need that isn’t working etc., just drop me a note.

And, IF, you prefer to see things the “old way,” have saved pins, links etc., you can still view the archived site at artfulartsyamy.blogspot.com

xo – Amy


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