The Very Busy Spider Microhabitat

This past year, I challenged myself to go back and look and old projects. . .To see if I could do something fresh with them. I get bored of teaching the same projects all the time, and I’m a firm believer that if you are bored, the students are bored.

I absolutely adore Eric Carle, and I LOVE making lessons utilizing his unique painted-paper collage in my art classroom. BUT, I wondered what sorts of interesting things I could make if I removed the limitation of painted-paper collage from my Eric Carle projects. I also want to integrate more Science into my Art practice. After a bit of thinking – bam! this project – The Very Busy Spider Microhabitat – (inspired by Carle’s The Very Busy Spider) was born.


Here is your objective:

You will need: a heavy paper plate, string (I used jute string from Home Depot), a large bead, scissors, crayons/markers, and tape.

Download Habitats Slidedeck Here 
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Download Patterns Slidedeck here