The Hero’s Journey: A 2-Point Perspective Digital Art Project

I’m continually impressed with what the Google Suite of tools can do. Just a few years ago, a project of this type would have required serious photo-editing software (Photoshop, Pixlr, or Gimp), and an intermediate-level understanding of that software. But now, due to the increasing function of Google tools, this is an introductory or novice project.

I find students really grapple to understand perspective; especially the mathematical consequences of perspective. In the past, when I’ve thrown students directly into process of creating a drawing showing one or two point perspective, they flounder… I strongly suspect it is because they don’t understand perspective at a fundamental level, and when you can’t do that. . .It’s hard to CREATE it. And, that is from where this project stems – What if students could create an artwork demonstrating they can identify two-point perspective? How much easier would it be for them to create their own two-point perspective later? Turns out, it makes a huge difference.

Here is what you will need for this project:
– A camera or phone with camera capabilities.
– A green screen, green butcher paper, or a solid-colored background.
– Internet access
– Google Slides

Here are the files you will need for this project:
Project slide-deck (includes all background information and how-to steps)
– Video of How to Using Google Slides to Find 2-Point Perspective Images
– Video of Inserting Background and Selfie into Google Slides
Worksheet for writing your own Hero’s Journey (optional)

Here is the process for teaching this lesson (images come from project slide-deck):

Link to video here
Link to here
Link to video here
Link to video here

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