Welcome to Artful Artsy Amy!

Artful Artsy Amy was started in 2009 as part of an assignment for my M.A.T. in Art Education. Eventually, Artful Artsy Amy became a place to share art education experiences, art lessons, and classroom management tips.

Today, I’m a Visual and Performing Arts & STEAM Coordinator for a county office of education in California. My work is all about making art a part of the everyday experiences of students. I do this by designing and developing arts education and arts integration professional development opportunities, and pursuing grants supporting arts education. I use any and every opportunity to share my passion for art education, and the inherent value of art education; I do this through speaking engagements, conferences, and through blogging.

I’ve deliberately left up almost every post since the beginning of ArtfulArtsyAmy (in 2009, I had only been teaching four years). When I go back and re-read posts, I don’t always agree with myself. Our educational philosophies evolve as we grow in our experience and practice. The more I work in education, the more there is to learn. I hope you find something that helps you, restores you, inspires you, challenges you, and/or supports you here.

I have an Ed.S. in Inclusive Education, a M.A.T. in Art Education, and a B.F.A. in Art (my concentration is painting).

You can learn more about me, view my portfolio, and a portfolio of my students’ works by visiting my professional website here.

You can contact me via artful.artsy.amy@gmail.com