The Very Busy Spider Microhabitat

This past year, I challenged myself to go back and look and old projects. . .To see if I could do something fresh with them. I get bored of teaching the same projects all the time, and I'm a firm believer that if you are bored, the students are bored. I absolutely adore Eric Carle,… Continue reading The Very Busy Spider Microhabitat

Eradicating Cultural Appropriation in Art Education

In contemporary society, cultural appropriation is a hot topic. We most commonly hear about cultural appropriation when news sources and/or social media cover a celebrity accused of appropriating culture.  But, how often do we/you discuss cultural appropriation outside of celebrity news? Do we even have a firm grasp of the definition of cultural appropriation? And,… Continue reading Eradicating Cultural Appropriation in Art Education

Welcome to the New Artful Artsy Amy

Hey everyone! Welcome to the new-and-improved Artful Artsy Amy! As of this year, Artful Artsy Amy is 10 years old, and the website was due for an overhaul. Now, you can find your favorite Art Education posts and lessons with greater ease by using the menu buttons. You can search for lessons by grade level,… Continue reading Welcome to the New Artful Artsy Amy