Video Tutorial: Using an Animated Gif as a Sprite in Scratch (AppSmash with Scratch and Piskel)

I loooove animated gifs. I'm also falling in love with coding. What's more fun than combining two things you love?!Did you know you can use an animated gif as a sprite in Scratch? Yup! I appsmash with Piskel and Scratch to do this, and I've made a video to show you how!

Stop-Motion Animation Inspiration

Y'all know I'm all about some good ole stop-motion animation, right?Nancy Walkup, editor of SchoolArts Magazine, linked to this incredible stop-motion animation today. All too often, when I'm teaching stop-motion animation, the truly excellent stop-motion-animation-as-art examples are either too inappropriate or too highbrow/aesthetically-irrelevant for my students.This one hits the sweet spot of being incredibly well-done,… Continue reading Stop-Motion Animation Inspiration

Lesson Plan: Turning Sculptures into Animated Gifs

In January, my 8th graders and I will be embarking on a series of studies about animation. I love animation. The more I learn about animation, the more I love, love, love (love!) it. In fact, I've even written about animation a few times on this blog, and have even made a full click-by-click wiki… Continue reading Lesson Plan: Turning Sculptures into Animated Gifs

Claymation Wiki Is Now Live!!

Hey Everyone, the wiki I created for my claymation unit entitled "The Origins of Animation" is now live!You can visit is here: unit is designed to take learners from the beginnings of animation to the pinnacle of today’s animation processes. Students will begin by learning about, and (according to age group) create, Victorian motion… Continue reading Claymation Wiki Is Now Live!!